10 quick facts about Katie

I love a
Grande Americano
with Whip



I love spending the morning Writing in my
 Journal + Blogging


Frankincense is my favorite Essential Oil


I have owned my own Photography business
for 10 years 


I love spending the weekends outdoors in nature.


An evening chasing a good sunset is one of my favorite things


Our favorite place to vacation is in beautiful Maui


When I was 18 I lived in
 a castle in the countryside of
England attending
 A Bible School 


I am obsessed with the love of my life, Goldendoodle Annabell. 

You can find me rooting my favorite sports teams (seahwawks, Gonzaga, and Mariners) 


Okay... I couldn't narrow it down to just 10...

Cannon Beach
is one of my favorite places to go, recharge, chase sunsets, and soak in the beauty.

let me share a bit of my story with you.....

In my Senior year of high school I agreed to a blind date for my Senior prom, 2 years later I would marry that blind date, my first boyfriend, my love, Branden. 

When we first started dating we parted ways as he headed to Bible School in Cannon Beach and I headed overseas to England to attend Capernwray... and by the grace of God sustained a long-distance relationship.

As soon as we were married we jumped into full-time ministry while I built and grew my photography business.

Over the last 15 years we dreamed together and shared our passions of ministry together. We went on getaways to Maui to escape the Portland rain, enjoyed weekend hikes through beautiful Forest Park. All while we loved owning and fixing up homes, and enjoying friendships.

Yet, one dream, a dream to be a mom would burn in my heart that had yet to be fulfilled.

For those who want more than 10 quick facts... 

I originally started my blog when blogs were the all the rage as a way to build my photography business. What started as a way to share my life and weddings, soon opened the doorway to write about the trials we'd walk through. My blog became so much more than pretty pictures, they soon held the raw writings as I walked through infertility, grief, and risks of faith. 

My blog was how I Dared to Hope.

Once I had my twins we moved away from Portland I gave up my wedding business as I didn't want to spend my summer weekends away from my little girls. It was then an opportunity to partner my love of health opened and I began building my oil business during nap times and evenings all while sneaking in writing sessions.

Through God's beautiful redemptive work, I get to be a full time mama to not two, but three miracle girls! And that box I tried to squeeze myself, I've walked away from the weight to "do it all right."

I will always be a photographer, whether that's shooting a family sessions or documenting my own family. Photography is deeply apart of me. And now with 3 girls, I am still hustling to squeeze writing in. While rocking a baby in the still of the night, waking up before the sun rises or finding time while my twins are at preschool, I usually am scribbling in journals or scratch papers until I can get to my computer.

 My love for holistic health is built into my day-to-day. I know what it feels like to be tired and overwhelmed, so I love giving other mama's simple steps that will transform their life and home. 

But more than other mama friends, my favorite learners are the 3 little faces that watch my life choices everyday.