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Love Does with Bob Goff

Early in the summer I picked up a pretty blue book with colorful balloons on the front and began reading the whimsical stories from Love Does by Bob Goff. From the first introduction of Bob’s office on Tom Sawyer Island, I was hooked! I stayed up late into the night escaping into the joy-filled wonder of Bob’s writings. In a season of my life where I felt more discouraged than joyful, Bob’s book lifted me out from my downcast ways and reminded me to live the adventurous life full of love, joy, and whimsy!

Bob articulated Christian life in a way that tugged the strings of my heart and stirred my soul. Joy permeates from the pages of his book and I often caught myself smiling through each chapter I read. Bob reminds us of the simple love of God and the adventure He’s calling us on. The simplicity of loving Jesus and others with great joy.

Yesterday, 6:00am, my alarm clock rang out into the silence of the dark and I hopped out of bed. I was up and ready for church to hear Bob Goff speak for the first time. The room was dark and quiet, all eyes on Bob. There in my seat I sat, listening to Bob, hanging onto his words, contagious joy, and infectious laugh. The Spirit spoke through Bob…breaking into my heart  and stirring my soul. Bob’s words prod my heart–following Jesus doesn’t have to be so boring and stiff, but rather an adventure. I often get frustrated, frustrated at the status quo, the life lived that makes Jesus look boring.

It’s time to start, Loving God. Loving People, and DOING. Love compels.

*If you’ve read Love Does, please share your thoughts, favorite part, or how love has you doing!*

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