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Having feet of faith

There are moments in life we must take risks. With a heart full of faith we step out into the open waters, arms held high, abandoned to the King.
Because this is when we see God move.
When we place ourselves in positions that allow Him to be fully in control.
We stand in the posture of faith, living on his daily bread, asking, seeking, praying, what’s next for today.
I can’t see the future ahead but I know when we let go- where life feels scary and unknown-this is right where we need to be. A place of facing our fears and shaking up our comfortable American lives and leaning on the great I AM – fully dependent on His every Word.
These are the moments that change us.
These steps of faith are part of the call of Christ.
Life with Jesus isn’t boring–it’s an adventure!
This is what makes faith exciting–giving it all up to watch the living God move in miraculous mighty ways– the Jordan River didn’t stop flowing until their feet of faith reached out and touched the waters edge. (Joshua 3:15)

*I’d LOVE to hear from you today…have you ever been scared to take a risk in faith? Have you taken a big leap? Please share your story with us!*

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