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I quit.

Somedays I lose the hope I fight so hard for every day.

Somedays victory is far off and hopelessness buries itself into my weary heart again.

Somedays exhaustion hangs over me like a thick cloud.

Somedays anger is the only emotion that greets me in the morning.

Somedays I just want to surrender the battle and stop hoping.


I told Him, I am too tired. I don’t want to fight anymore. I quit.

Expecting guilt to greet me as those words left my heart He responded back,

Good. That’s ok. It’s not your battle. I’m the one who will fight for you.

Stop trying.

Start resting. Start hoping IN me.

I told him I can’t do this anymore.

He was right. I can’t.

Because I forgot Him who is able.


This story isn’t about me. It’s about Jesus. It’s about Jesus’ story weaving in and through my story.

Yesterday I quit.

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