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Weekend recap: city life

Since I first began exploring Portland when we moved here 5 years ago there was one corner of Portland that stole my heart, the Pearl District. The Pearl is where I love to meet friends-new and old, have wedding consults, and of course indulge in some window shopping. In recent years when Branden and I had to spend many days a month at the clinic we often spent our time healing, reflecting, and recovering as we walked the streets of downtown with Annie. One of the benefits of moving recently is that we are now much closer to the beloved Pearl District. If I had it my way I would move there but since we don’t have money overflowing our pockets this is the close we could get. Each weekend, if we can, we love to jet down Lovejoy  St. and spend the day walking the Pearl and hitting some of our favorite spots.

On Saturday morning my heart was refreshed over delicious coffee and soul-stirring conversation with my dear friend Anne at my favorite shop, Lovejoy Bakers. Later Branden, Annie and I perused the streets, visited the local dog park and camped out on a blanket reading under the warm sunshine in Jamison Square. Early Sunday morning we hit up our local Starbucks for our decaf triple tall with whip Americano’s and headed to Solid Rock for a morning at Church and meeting new friends. The weekend ended with an encouraged and reinvigorated heart–now on to conquer this work week–this week is my wedding season kick-off!

Happy Monday Friends!

What did you do this weekend?


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