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Her voice.

Her faint, delicate voice whispered in the distance.

Two weeks past and my heart aches to hear,
hear her call my name,


The pain stings
flames burning up
consuming my heart

I reach out for my phone
desperate to find a trace of her, a piece of her love.

I pray, God, let there be a voicemail
Scrolling down my eye scan

I see

Susan – November 28, 2013 – 9:00 am

My heart skips a beat, nervous to hit the play button
I hit play–for a moment I am taken back to how it once was
I think she is not gone. She is still alive.


Reality washes over me like a tidal wave and sinks me.
This is her voice, her love for me.
She ends,

“I love you Kate.”

I ache.

Tears well up
My chest tightens

No. No.

Don’t go. Please don’t go.

In my soul I reach harder, attempting to believe she is really not gone.
I try to believe it is a bad dream I am living.

I hear her voice–so she must be across the hall from me, in her guest room.
I lean forward from my view in my bedroom and glance down the hall.

Empty. I see an empty cold room.
It is not a dream–Heaven is where she is

forever and ever.

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