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3 months.

*I wrote this on my instagram feed earlier this week and wanted to share it here today. 


3 months today we said goodbye. And everyday since my heart has ached.

My broken heart has been longing to see you.

Last night you came to me in a dream. It was so real.

We sat around a table talking, I could see your delicates features and hear your sweet voice say my name.

I fought to stay asleep, I didn’t want to wake from the dream and go through the agony of losing you again.


to awake to reality again felt like the real nightmare. Seeing you in my dreams was peace.

You are with your Maker, the one who knit you together 49 years ago & welcomed you back home with him.

That brings me joy to a hurting heart. And I’m slightly jealous I’m not there with you yet.

I know I will see you again, one day in eternity we will hug, smile, and create.

But every day until then I will never be the same because you were such a special part of my life.

A part of my soul has died when you left this earth 3 months ago.

Slowly, day by day I am learning how to live each day without your love, your texts, your smile, your joy.

Through the grief and pain, somewhere within, and somehow I find myself singing,

“It is well, it is well with my soul”

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