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Post Convention Recap

I shared on my Instagram account my thoughts as I headed to dōTERRA’s convention 2 weeks ago, which you can read below.

“3:30am this morning I jumped in the car 🚗 with 2 people I’d never met until today to head to Salt Lake and continue pursuing dreams and jumping outside my comfortable box.

I hugged my babies and cried tears as I tucked them into bed last night. This is the longest I’ve left my girls and I know they’ll be just fine, but it was hard to say good-bye. Ellie was upset at my tears and told me I needed a blankie. When I didn’t get one, she jumped off her bed, grabbed me a blankie and handed it to me. She melted my heart and made me cry even more 😭😍

The last few months I’ve being doing things WAY outside my comfort zone… like, scary, fearful things that I wouldn’t naturally choose. Leaving my babies, putting myself out there, sharing my heart, chasing dreams… it’s not easy. But the more I take steps, the more courage finds me. I used to think courage came first, now I know, you just have to take steps of faith with fear chasing you down and believe the courage will come. And I believe in all my weakness and fear God shines his strength through me. He takes my open hands and equips me every day….
This introvert is standing outside my safe box and going to extrovert for 4 days while learning and growing. I’ll come back more equipped to share and help others fight for their dreams ✨and take steps towards natural lifestyle. 🍃

Everyday I hope and pray my passion from my heart comes through louder than the sound of fear trembling in my voice.

Here’s to getting outside of our safe zone, doing hard things and along the way discovering what journey God wants to take us on.”

And now I’ve been home for a few weeks digesting all I experienced, here are my top 3 Post Convention Recap Thoughts…

  1. Health Care Clinics
  2. Oils Are Amazing
  3. Healing Hands

Let me get right to the punch so you don’t have to wait till the end to know if I was happy with my decision to go… I am SO thankful and glad I went. I can’t believe I almost missed out on an incredible few days. I pushed my fears aside, decided to extrovert for a few day and I am thankful my friends encouraged me and helped me get there in the first place. It was my first time to Salt Lake City and I fell in love with the city. Visiting new cities is a favorite adventure of mine, I enjoy seeing how other people live and experience life in different parts of the country. The doTERRA convention brought 30,000 people to Salt Lake and 68 countries were represented so I really enjoyed chatting and meeting new friends from all around the world during my days in Salt Lake.


One of the biggest hesitations I had in going was that I wouldn’t fit in as a whole. I had anxiety before leaving because I was sure I would hate the experience and feel isolated since I wasn’t pursuing financial gain and mansions as my entire life goal. 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to watch as the days unfolded, that this isn’t the culture of dōTERRA … that giving and serving is more important to them than giving cars and luxurious vacations away to their advocates.

One of the things that originally attracted me to dōTERRA was that they do not have debt and they want to see their people debt free as well. So much so that they offer a program designed to inspire Wellness Advocates to pay off debt and live abundantly while becoming free financially in order to be in a better position to give to others. Branden and I are big Dave Ramsey fans, and have a passion to live debt free and see other’s find that freedom… so when I saw doTERRA practiced what they preach at convention I was inspired to be a part of this great company and could rest easy the rest of my days knowing I was where I belonged.

“dōTERRA wants to be known as the company that helps the most people get out of debt.” – Corey Lindley Founding Executive, Chief Financial Officer doTERRA International

Recap #1. HealthCare: I joke often in my home, I have been rebelling against healthcare since the 1990’s. I don’t know how or why, but since I had some health issues when I was younger I immediately built a resistance to the way things were done… and ever since the 90’s I’ve been asking why and seeking out a better way. Part of my healthcare has been seeing alternative, integrative and naturopathic doctors for years and now for my family…  but it often comes with some challenges. There is such a polar divide between modern medicine and alternative and I sometimes I need/want them both.

So when doTERRA announced a revolutionary healthcare system they are launching I was doing a  happy dance celebrating a new way to experience healthcare for our family. Friends let me just say… Change is coming!

The U.S. healthcare system is broken. Out-of-pocket costs are rising and accessing quality care in a timely manner is increasingly difficult for many Americans.

dōTERRA is leading an innovative movement in healthcare in which medical providers take an integrative approach to keep their patients healthy and thriving. Proven methods of healthcare delivery – including traditional western methods, essential oil treatment, and wellness services – are utilized in an effort to prevent disease and maintain optimal health.

Recap #2. Oils are amazing: Not that I needed anymore convincing for myself, it was still exciting to hear stories, science, and research on the efficacy and power of essential oils. I loved learning and soaking in the education we received on how essential oils interact and work in our body. “It is not a mystery, Oils are powerful, it’s chemistry” 🙂 

  1. Essential Oils are lipid soluble
  2. Essential Oils have small molecular size and weight
  3. Essentials Oils provide cell signaling

I won’t lie, we learned a lot of science and chemistry and by the end of the second day my brain hurt so bad. It was good, yet I am still digesting all that I learned.

dōTERRA also launched several new oils:

  1.  Yoga Collection
  2. 3 floral rollerballs: Jasmine, Rose, and Neroli 
  3. Blue Tansy
  4. Copaiba
  5. and my favorite that I haven’t stopped using since I got home, Siberian Fir.

Recap #3 Healing Hands: The last day at Convention dōTERRA spent it’s entire day sharing stories and statistics how they are impacting the world through their foundation Healing Hands and Co-Impact Sourcing, and their partnerships with amazing organizations that help rescue kids out of sex trafficking, provide hygiene kits for girls, and so so much more! I think I sobbed my eyes out most of the day because I was so moved. Having visiting other countries on Missions trips along with my husband, seeing doTERRA work in parts of the world we are familiar with was moving. After I witnessed all doTERRA is doing to impact the world, I knew I was right where I belonged… with a company who serves and gives with their whole heart and encourages its people to do the same.

Here are a few notes of just a a couple of projects in 2017

    • Funded a forensic lab in Mesa, AZ to be used to help prosecute sex traffickers
    • Funded 2 K-9 dogs who are currently in training to be used in Florida and L.A to sniff out digital media that sexual predators hide in their home. The dogs names are Douglas Fir and Cinnamon Bark 🙂

  • Partnered with 2 more sex trafficking companies; 3 Strands from L.A and Rhapha House
    • We (dōTERRA ) are funding the construction of Rhapha House healing art center along with a work van used to transport the recused victims.
  • Somaliland 18,000 sq ft. Medical Clinic – 0 people have access to medical services in this community. The new medical clinic will serve 400,000 people and open in the Spring of 2018
    • dōTERRA is personally funding all 3.3 million of the project – paying for all construction, all equipment, and all the 1st year salaries.

This is only a tip of the ice berg… there are more schools, women’s clinics and medical clinics in other countries. My blog would be too long if I detailed it all for you. But you I hope you see, the love, services, and care they are doing in countries like Nepal, Haiti,Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda is overwhelming… and as I sat there soaking up all these stories I couldn’t stop thinking, how blessed am I that I get to be apart of this.

Essential oils are not just impacting my life and family, nor are they just impacting your home… when you open up your bottle of dōTERRA essential oils YŌU are impacting the world by providing income, resources, medical clinics, schools, and more! 

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