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If you are wondering, β€œDo I really have use for essential oils in my normal, everyday life?” answer these 8 questions below to see how essential oils might fit into your daily routine:

Q: Do you worry about using household cleaners that may expose your family to harsh chemicals or toxins?

Q: Do you ever look for ways to strengthen damaged hair or a distressed scalp?

Q: Are you ever in need of products to keep your skin feeling and looking healthy and young?

Q: Do you ever experience occasional digestive discomfort?

Q: Do you ever experience discomfort associated with occasional tension in the neck or head?

Q: Do you suffer from discomfort associated with seasonal and environmental threats?

Q: Are you ever in need of products to help support a healthy immune system?

Q: Do you enjoy adding powerful and natural flavors to your entrees, beverages, or desserts?

If you answered β€œyes” to any of these questions, you might have more use for essential oils in your life than you think.Β πŸ™‚

While some view essential oils as mysterious or complicated, they can be used for household cleaning, cooking and baking, improving well-being, and more. Along with the applications for everyday life, many enjoy essential oils because of their health benefits, as well as their positive effects on emotions.


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