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Fighting Fear


It’s sneaky & it robs you of life.

It’s a liar.

Fear lies.

Fear steals the joy from beauty & adventure of life.

Yesterday’s trip in the helicopter high above the Great Barrier Reef truly was a personal victory for me, marking a journey I’ve been walking; warring with fear.

At the end of summer last year fear blew up in my face & took me down a dark journey. A journey that caged me in.

I spent months sleepless, unable to breathe or think clearly.

Fear stole me from myself.

I couldn’t find myself, I was locked inside the chains of what if’s.

I made a decision to fight fear head on. It was ugly & the battle wasn’t easy.

The whole time I was battling, this trip to Australia was in my head. I had to work through this so I could make it to Australia and experience this with complete abandon.

Yesterday on the helicopter high above the open waters felt like a completion in someways. It was like throwing the POWER of fear into the sea, saying goodbye to a friend whose been whispering into my ears lies for too long.

Here’s the thing, the only way for me to kick fear back was to do it with fear trying to close. It was standing up saying, NOT TODAY! I can’t wait till the “feeling” is gone.

Its about retraining myself to no longer listen to its voice.

Yesterday was symbolic for me. I heard fear loud. It was encroaching in on me like a lion on it’s prey, but I said, “I see you fear but you aren’t stealing life from me any longer.”

Gods taught me to stand in courage.

As the helicopter made its way over the sea, I felt the grasps of fear falling away. I wanted to feel and experience the beauty of this moment & I did it.

Fear didn’t steal my joy this time.

It’s taken a lot of prayer, counseling, doctor appointments, & people speaking prophecy over me in those dark nights to get me to this side.

God wants us to be free, truly free. Yesterday I took one more step into that freedom & marked my stake in the ground.

Fear may still speak and crouch around, but I now know I don’t have to give it power. It may stand on my shoulders and whisper, but the doors been unlocked, I’m no longer chained to fear.

Flying over the wide open seas was the biggest way I could prove to myself that God has truly set me free from the bondages of fear.

“I called to the Lord & He answered me, He delivered me of all my fears.” Ps 34:4

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