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Hope-Filled Lent Reflections with Bonhoeffer

Each year when Lent begins I look forward to pulling out this little Lent Devotional by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Every year, over the last 7, I add new underlines, scribble new notes in the margins, ponder the depth of words by Jesus as we approach Easter. As the world has begun to shift under our feet in a rapid pace I’ve clung to these words differently this year. This morning, the 4th Monday of Lend, I read over the words from todays reading and again was filled with fresh wave of hope.

Suffering Produces Patience by Bonhoeffer

“Suffering produces patience (Romans 5:3) Translated literally, patiences means holding the course, not throwing off the burden but bearing it. Today we in the church know all to little about the real blessings of bearing. Bearing, not shaking off; bearing, but also not collapsing bearing as Christ bore the Cross, staying under, and there below, finding Christ…. Experience produces Hope. For every attack withstood is already the prelude to the final victory every conquered waves brings us closer to the land we long for. Therefore, hope grows with experience and in the experience of tribulation a reflection of the eternal glory can already be perceived.”

Hope has been my word in and out of the trials I’ve walked through… infertility, financial struggles, death/grief, ministry… all of them led me to more hope, not less!

As I find myself praying, asking the Lord what my heart posture should be in this season, it comes back to HOPE…. and I think back to this post I wrote in 2013

Today you are not to be given fear of life but courage; and so today in the Church we shall speak more than ever of hope, the hope that we have and which no one can take from you.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

My heart locked in, my eyes fixed on the call to speak Hope. Now more than ever lets use our words to share and speak of hope… to give courage.

“Your words are so powerful
that they will kill or give life…” Prov. 18:21

I’m reminded today, these weird and unfounded days aren’t going to crush us, they will only increase our HOPE, if we allow it too. In that I can rejoice and be thankful.

Suffering and hardships can’t steal our hope, they can only increase it! 

Stand firm and Dare to Hope today.



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