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4 months with Kezia Joy

Kezia Joy,
4 months of you brightening our day, our homes, our lives.

Kezia Joy,
Bringing rays of sunshine and sounds of gladness admits a dark, strange season of this world.

Kezia Joy,
A miracle, a gift, and blessing from above.

Kezia Joy,
As time proves over and over, we blinked and here we are at 4 months. I laugh why couldn’t pregnancy go as fast as time with you has gone 😉

Your daddy and I talk about you nightly, how you fit so easily into your routine, our home, our life. Its as if you were always meant to be. We love to put your twin sisters to bed and wake you up for a little time just the 3 of us. You coo, smile and giggle and entertain us with your excited kicks and babbles. I love to tickle you and get you roaring in a belly laugh… my heart just swells with love listening to you.

You continue to be an amazing sleeper and so easy going. You sleep trained yourself, I can take no credit. It is either because of your easy demeanor or the amazing Snoo Bassinett. You love to wake me up now, not with cries but with chatter. This last month you have become quite the chatty babe with so many laughs and stories. If I could describe you in 2 words it would be Happy and Easy-going. (shhh don’t tell your twin sisters that you have shown me just how hard newborn twins really were)

Just this morning you decided to skip your early morning nap and decided to roll over from tummy to back for the first time. You LOVE bath time and splashing, you love your hands and playing with toys. Your twin sisters are enamored with you… they think it’s the best thing ever when you talk to them. First thing upon waking they run next to your bassinet and peak over the edge to see if you are awake yet and ready to play. Brooklyn and Eliana love to feed you your bottle, lay on the floor mat and watch you play, and take turns fighting over whose turn it is to hold you.

We LOVE you Kezia Joy!

“You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies. Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children…”

“Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you...”   Psalms 8:2


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