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Linger at the table.

Dinner prepared, growing twins wiggling in their chairs, inhaling their meal before we can even take a seat. Kezia babbling in her high chair and waving her chubby-creased wrist with a spoon in hand. Avocado smashed on the floors, sticky fingers and dirty faces… it’s a messy, chaotic family dinner. 

Usually as we are at the dinner table I get up about 10 times to fulfill 100 little requests, from more water to another napkin… as I finally shovel a few bites in my mouth, my mind is already thinking of bedtime routines.

The list swirls around my mind… knowing the marathon day is closing in and a fresh quiet minute is almost around the corner. As I take the last bite I am already in clean-up mode, instructing chairs be pushed in and dishes taken to the sink so then we can move onto my list… Load dishwasher, pick up toys, feed Kezia, getting a bath drawn and little teeth scrubbed. 

My perfect little fast-paced dinner routine interrupted by one word from the Spirit. 

Tenderly he prodded my heart with this one word, 


Linger at the table. 

I sat and thought, what would it look like a few times a week to simply linger. 

Gatherings around the table will have room and space for more than just devouring a meal. I am in it for creating memories, stirring hearts with encouragement, savoring moments with my 3 little miracle daughters.

I am opening my dinner table for interruptions to my get-it-done-mom-schedule.

Here’s to letting the avocado stay smashed under the high chair and rice scattered under chairs.

Dirty dishes stay planted on the table for a little longer so we can simply, 


Linger enough for celebrations to sing out and belly laughs to ensue. 

Linger, where the heart to fit a schedule lets go, to make room for the Spirit

Linger together over hot chocolate,  extra gooey brownies and spontaneous game of gold fish.

Savor stories over sparkling apple cider in fancy cups, just because its Sunday. 

I want sacred moments with my family, lingering over food and messes and bouncy little girls who jump into laps and lean in for kisses. 

I am here to linger a little longer and in the messy chaos birth life-giving moments. 

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