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Hope in the Now and Not yet

Today kicks of Advent and in this strange 2020 season I sat this morning and reflected on my life-word, HOPE. The road of hope is what we walk on our daily journey of the now and not yet….the tension of waiting.

Waiting is not passive, waiting isn’t easy, but waiting is worth it when Jesus is the goal, not my comfort.

I don’t know about you, but my American comfort feels a little shaken down this year and the waiting feels a little different than years prior.

Maranatha, Our Lord is coming. 

Hope is what we cling to as we hold the two tension in the waiting.

Emmanuel God with us, you are here with us.

Below is a repost, I originally wrote these words coming out of a dark season. This year has flipped us upside down and all around where we are looking to find stable footings. How do we wait in hope?

We praise HIM, for who HE is. 

God is so good. He’s so good to me.

God, You’re so good, always faithful, faithful as the morning sunrise. 

God, You’re so good, always good

God, You’re so good, always faithful, faithful as the evening sunset.

Oh there’s none like you Lord.

I rise and sing, my heart full of praise as we step into victory.
He’s good even when we can’t feel it, when we can’t see it, when we struggle to live in hope.

His goodness, not dependent on our feelings.
His goodness, not dependent on our faith.

Hope leads the song of breakthrough.

He surrounds us with melodies of victory 

God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray. (ps 34:7)

We sing his goodness, for the praise precedes the victory.

Sometimes words fail me, the only string of praise I can put together is the simplicity of his powerful faithfulness.

We put on the garment of praise and salvation, and just like Jehoshaphat leading people in shouts of praise into the battle, they saw victory as they sang, “Give thanks to God, for he is good!”

His love endures forever!

Speak it before we see it.

Sing it before we feel it.

Stand and declare it even if you hear whispers of doubt.

Call forth His promises when they feel off in a distant land.

His goodness is still found in the dark, for the hope of light breaks in on our melody,

He is good… so so good.

God is always good.

There’s none like Him.

You are good.

We sing, you are good.

He is worthy.

Originally Written: DECEMBER 12, 2018

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