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Go time.

“As Goliath moved closer to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him,” 1 Sam. 17:48

It’s go time….

Recently I’ve felt extremely frustrated over the dreams, passions and even calling God has placed on me in this season. I’ve often been wrestling in prayer, “why now God, why couldn’t these things you’ve asked me to do be in a season when it was a lot easier to obey and walk out?”

I have almost felt at a standstill, contemplating waiting until this all passes… all the roadblocks and tense emotions 2020 has brought. Walking forward in this strange season feels more like a physical pushing forward with all my strength that I can let me mind convince me it’s too hard, and defeat myself before I’ve started.

In prayer this week, I sensed the Spirit prompting me to stop being frustrated as an excuse to wait it out.

My call and obedience does NOT go on pause in this season.

And so I would say to us that are Jesus followers, God’s plan and calling for you, doesn’t change in this season just because our world looks different or is more challenging. 

This is the time to push in all the more. This is GO time! Not retreat time! 

How do we go? We let God lead, we walk in faith and keep obeying step by step.

You and I are in fact, NOT restricted like we may think —  and we do NOT need perfect conditions to obey the call of God in this season. That is actually unbiblical to think that way. Our American comfort reminding me, I am getting fixated on our physical limitations.

I have to go back and ask, have I forgotten who the God of the Bible is?

God reminded me story after story where it was in times of great opposition where he called his people to stand in faith and push forward in obedience with a holy recklessness and foolishness when it MADE NO SENSE!

These stories show, they put it ALL on the line, believing God would do what he said, that HE would show up at just the right time and deliver. 

  • Gen 22: Abraham placing his son Isaac on the altar. 
  • Genesis 6: Noah Built an ark in faith and obedience when people thought he was crazy.
  • Joshua 3 – River was at flood stage, yet in faith, they had to put their feet in the water before it piled upstream and parted so they could cross on dry land.
  • Exodus 14: Moses Leading Israelites, led them through the Red Sea on dry land, by faith and obedience.
  • 1 Samuel 17: David fighting and defeating Goliath with 5 stones.

I started thinking, maybe when life seemed wide open and options endless I relied on my own strength and creativity more than I did Gods.

But in this season, I don’t need the answers, I don’t need my creativity. I just need His power, His Spirit.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” Zech 4:6

“His grace is sufficient, His power made PERFECT in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

My call, your call remains unchanging… through the hard and every unknown. 

In fact, I really believe now is the time to not hide, or seek safe comfort in our homes or wait until this passes over… Now is the time to GO with holy recklessness and let the Spirit show up– to push back the doors, part waters, take down Goliath, and build the Ark before the rains come … because God is going to move through our courage and obedience. 

We don’t need to see the end game, how the pieces fit together in this story. We need daily faith and Holy Spirit Power to Go! Go, lets run into the Spiritual battle, straight to the front lines where we may even risk getting battle wounds… BUT lets watch God stir hearts, birth miracles and bring victory like the days of old.

David’s weaponry was ridiculous: a sling and five stones. It didn’t matter. God still uses foolish tools in the hands of weak people to build his kingdom.

Backed by prayer and his power, we can accomplish the unthinkable.”
pg 100 of Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.

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