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Preacher Brooklyn

For the last 6 months my sweet Brooklyn has been persistent she must preach. I even have video of her this summer, holding her microphone, screaming her message outside.

I thought it was a cute little phase, yet her persistence has only grown. I had her sit in the service Sunday to watch her daddy preach, which then has only amplified her obsession with preaching.

She’s like the persistent widow. Her mouth never stops. The last 2 weeks I’ve been asked more times than I can count, “ help me write my message…. Mom, Im not waiting until I’m an adult… Mom, I need to write my words out.”

 I’ve giggled over the months and weeks, that she’s cute and this is so funny. But this last week I felt God convict me. 

Brooklyn and I sun bathing on the porch chatting (again) about her dream to preach and I felt God say to me in my soul… “quit putting her off… quit boxing her in because of her age.” 

Then I sat there. Totally taken back and feeling sorrowful that I had placed a threshold on my kids. Specifically her. I asked myself, what were you thinking was the age they are allowed to use their gifts for God? 10, 16, 18?

What if this isn’t a cute little 5 year old dream? But what if this is the God-given destiny and passion he’s placed in her NOW? Who am I to place bounds on how God wants to use a 5 year old? Maybe she’s going to evangelize and preach the gospel NOW. What if this all is the Holy Spirit stirring her to fulfill her mission and I’m delaying it?

I felt so humbled by the Lord in this conversation… here I am, selfishly thinking of Branden and I, making sure we use our gifts or the calling Gods givens us… that I’m missing the opportunity to steward and disciple the littles at my feet in a bigger way.

This morning I pulled up a simple acronym and began walking her through the Gospel— so then she can go “preach.”

 I’ll teach her the words, then I’ll step out of the way, get on my knees and let the Spirit take her where and how He needs her…

Oh her fire, the simplicity of childlike faith…

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