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What do you think of those 2 words in this season? Do you believe it to be true?

I’ve been reading and meditating on the GOOD NEWS the scriptures write of… which “the good news” or gospel is announcement of God’s kingdom, Jesus as our Savior.

Liberation from sin and brokenness- Salvation!

This morning I woke to my Instagram filled of stories on the new Nike shoe, and once again I felt the vacuum attempting to suck me in…distracting me to focus on evil. If we are Jesus’ followers, we need to ask, are focusing too much on the darkness & forgetting, even now, we still hold the message of the GOOD NEWS?!

That hasn’t changed, just because we sense or feel evil/darkness more or we think no one wants to hear it.

Maybe it’s because of social media that we believe evil feels different because the headlines are constantly proclaiming depressing doom. But our job is unchanging, proclaiming the GOOD NEWS!

Hope, joy, and light should mark us. We who know the living Christ- he’s living because He already conquered Satan, Sin and death…. so why are we fixating on darkness that’s already lost the war, giving it the attention as if it’s won?!

Story is over. Jesus already won! Because of this, we who know him have a mission to fulfill. That mission is not to keep re-sharing Satan’s hopeless headlines for him!

It’s easy to forget, but where it seems darkest, it’s also the lightest.
Where is seems the bleakest, it’s the most hopeful time!
Where fearfulness is normal- it’s the time time to live most fearlessly!
Where we see the grips of anxiety robbing life- we have the chance to witness souls set free!
Where we see the most chains shackling souls, it’s time to hear the harvest of chains falling to the ground.

Stop, close your eyes, listen, the chains falling off, hitting the floor with a thunderous roar.

There’s only one LIVING God who defeated death, if you know him like I do, then we know the good news— we should have the most JOY & HOPE as we proclaim it.

Tomorrow starts Holy Week- His love for us kept him on the cross and victory came when he walked out of the tomb.

The war is over, so let’s start proclaiming the Good News with authority!

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