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Time. It’s precious and always fading. Never enough hours in day. Always savoring minutes.

I’ve learned through the years that when I get weary and tired I need to get away. I need to make TIME to be refreshed and refocus. I planned this trip long before I knew I would need it and I am so thankful I did.

Time to sit. To be in the Word. To soak up sunshine. To be inspired by great entrepeuners at the Identity Conference. To laugh. Hold my love’s hand down Santa Monica Pier. To have no agenda.

I took time to be still and reflect. To remember all that God has done and be thankful.

My heart is full. I am focused. I am determined.

Since I couldn’t take you with my in my pocket I made a film strip of the past 5 days. A quick recap of California through my lens. 🙂

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