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It was over a cup of coffee she shared her heart with me. Big tears streamed down her face as emotionally driven words poured from her soul.

Fears.Questions.Doubts. They enclosed around her like a vicious attack.

These are the moments when we are walking with our heads faced down to the ground. Life seems dark and discouraging. Everything on the ground looks old and used up. We mope around kicking rocks, filling our brain with lies.

We just don’t see the light.

 The light of our dreams burns deep down in the depths of our soul yet we can’t see it, we can only feel it.

We need faith. Faith to keep walking.

Along the way a friend walks beside you, they come close and lift our heads up, straight towards the sky. Where light shines and beauty reigns.

 Because just like dark flees from the light, so our fears flee from truth.

When we lift our heads up we gain perspective. We see the truth.

We see hope in all it’s strength.

Light still shines and our dreams still live.

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