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Come expecting.

Over the years I’ve heard my husband preach to high school students, come expecting BIG things from God. Yet, I have personally failed in this area recently.

When I launched Pursuing the Light I wasn’t expecting BIG things so quickly. I wasn’t expecting girls to respond the way they did.

Yesterday afternoon tears streamed down my face as I sat in unbelief.

I was in a state of shock, in 12 days Pursuing the Light SOLD OUT.

And not only that, but 15 girls will be coming together from all over the country and even Canada to worship and learn together.

I had a moment of fear hit me, who am I Lord? Can I really do this?

But He has reassured me great things are ahead and to keep walking in faith.

And so I keep walking one step at a time, trusting Him who is leading.

  I am truly humbled to meet and serve 15 beautiful young girls this April.



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