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Catching our breath// Cannon Beach

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and feel you can’t catch your breath. Life is weaving towards a scary part in the journey and the treck is getting scary. Gasping for air you keep walking, eyes ahead, wondering when the easier stretch is coming. The stretch in the journey where you are on the side of seeing miracles.

For now, we circle in prayer. Over and over, till we are so dizzy we want to fall over in exhaustion.

This weekend we packed the car and headed to a “warm” day on Cannon Beach. It was to take a day and catch our breath. To sit on the beach that I proclaimed YES to marrying Branden and remember the days of our youth.  To find joy again in the little things, run through the ocean attempting to cross the other side, meet strangers with goldendoodles, chase Annabell in the sand, laugh at sand pelting us, enjoy some Tillamook ice cream and end the day with pizza.

It was time to sit on beach, stare into the ocean and patiently  wait upon the Lord, the Lord who heals. (ex 15:26)

Feeling a tiny speck of refreshment, this morning I wrote 5 miracles I am waiting upon. Some of been for years. Some are more recent. They are BIG. And they aren’t possible without the power of Jesus. I wait in expectation.

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