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Steps of faith.

Last night we sat at the table for dinner with laptops & creative ideas flowing. The four of us coming together, baring our souls in hopes to move forward with dreams.

Every two weeks the four of us come together, united in our passions, in hopes to take steps of faith forward in sharing our stories. Attempting to bring hope through our journeys.

As I sat early this morning penning my part in the story, excitement filled my heart. Through some mysterious way this dream/project is part of the redemption story. God is redeeming all the tears and struggles and light is beginning to shine into darker parts of the soul.¬†And this eases the pain. Knowing it’s not in vain.

He is accomplishing the purpose He has set forth, the purpose for which I can’t quit see fully myself.

And because I can’t see ahead, it means taking steps of faith moving forward.

 Today I walk. I walk those steps of faith.

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