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The days to come.

This morning I found myself in Proverbs 31 because it is the 31st of the month. Reading a familiar passage I sought out the words on the page with an open heart. Then towards the end one line grabbed me..the Spirit drawing me into one verse.

In this past year I specifically battled with having joy in all circumstance. It’s not packaged all nice and pretty in my life as some people make it out to be. Life has been incredibly difficult and I struggled to find this joy the Bible speaks of. When I hear other people getting all preachy over joy–that I need to just have joy in all circumstances, it frustrates me.  I didn’t realize this was something that happened so naturally and quickly in our lives…wait, it doesn’t. Joy is not possible without the Spirit. Joy in all circumstances is a process-something I think we continually grow in until eternity. I have been working this joy thing out with the Lord and His patience never-ending, holding me close through the trials and wrestling.

Today when I read vs 25, She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. I  sat on the couch and just smiled. I smiled because I can read that line and know He has gotten me to a place where I am beginning to laugh again. Slowly but surely I am beginning to laugh at the days to come. I can laugh again because He’s growing me in trust, in letting go of all my worry and fears, and to walk in faith. I am learning to laugh without fear of the future because I follow and trust a God who holds my future in His hands. And when I know the personal, intimate God who knows my future, I can laugh because I don’t have to carry the burdens of worry anymore. Today, I laugh without fear of the future because today I get to enjoy the presence of my Heavenly Father.

Photo taken my dear friend Kimberly Stone of Kstonephotography

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