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Pennies in your pocket

When you toil and work hard for something, the reward is greater.

When you walk through a dark tunnel, the light at end is brighter than before.

Tossing in the angry sea, head barely above water, you find the gasp of air to be more valuable than gold.

The strain of climbing a steep mountain and reaching the summit makes the valley below a prettier view.

In seasons of tears, laughter becomes a precious melody to the ear.

When you are broke, pennies in your pocket become valuable.

When thirst overwhelms your parched tongue, water is like sweet honey.

When hopelessness drowns your heart, finding hope is like finding life again.

Having less makes you appreciate.

What you once saw as insignificant, hardships will alter your perspective to reveal the importance of the little things in life.

Struggles make a you thankful for the things you once took for granted.

When you strive hard, the reward is greater.

The easy life can become the apathetic life.

The life of struggle and toil is a life of deep appreciation for all that we do not deserve on this earth.

Who am I to deserve even one penny?


The more I see how desperately in need I am of Savior I am, the more praise I sing to my King for his great rescue on my life. Redemption sings praise to the most high and demands my life.

Who am I that He would save me?


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