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Foggy mornings fuel my hope

The season of fog is upon us. Thick fog has been blanketing the city streets these crisp fall mornings leaving the bright fall colors & morning sun in hiding.  Whether I am driving around town or taking my Annabell for a walk in the dense fog my mind falls into reflection mode as the picture of fog seems to fit the season of my life over the years. The morning fog prods me to ponder, to go back to the basics of faith which leads me to hope.

Foggy mornings fuel my hope.

When I peek out my blinds in the early morning, I don’t freak out that the sun won’t show it’s face or the colors are gone forever…I know the fog is just temporary. The burn off is coming.

When the sun seems so far off & bitter air nips at our noses I never fall into despair, because I know the warmth of the sun is soon on its way to defrost my face.

Fog leaves a darkness over the city, though the sun is just up ahead, with our eyes we can only see the now. It takes faith to believe the darkness will lift and bright rays will fill our streets again.

Fog gives the illusion the light is missing and overwhelms us with sense of feeling lost. Trying to discern what’s right up ahead next is difficult because we can’t lean on our senses to lead the way, we have to trust each tiny step along the way.

Life feels a lot like fog at times.

I often let a season of “fog” in my life discourage me. When it feels the warmth is gone and darkness is all around it’s easy to lose hope. But in actuality Jesus is right next to me and you, we just can’t see him or feel him in the thickness of fog. As soon as it lifts we will see, he never left us.

Just like sunshine in the fog.

Though I can’t see or feel the sun I don’t throw my hands up angry the sun has left. No, the sun never left…the fog just closed in tight around, clouded my perspective, & skewed my senses. The sun never changed, the seasons did.

I have to let truth reign my heart when situations plead otherwise. It takes faith. Faith to believe though we can’t see Him, He is right there.

When life is like a fog, take heart. He is near.
Dare to hope when circumstance plead otherwise.

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1



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