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Life marked by faithfulness.

Sometimes I think we see our journey on this earth through the wrong perspective.
When the wrong perspective infiltrates our minds we then settle into discouragement easily and lose sight of the value of faithful living day in and out.
Life is made up of single steps towards Jesus, through the pretty fields and the sloppy mud pits.


Faithful with our hours, our today.
Faithful with these moments we’ve been given on this earth.
Faithful with this gift of life.

We’ve fallen prey that the victorious Christian life is achieved with mountaintop highs, emotional experiences, arriving at a final spiritual destination and warm fuzzes marking us as “close to Jesus.”
I contend, life isn’t this constant state of feeling close to Jesus.
It is daily living for Him even though he feels in a far off land. From our perception he may feel so distant, so quiet, so far off we think we feel the chill in air from his lack of His presence.
Faithfulness- living for Him when everything within screams no, I don’t want to do this anymore.
It is letting Jesus hold you tight when you don’t have the strength to hold tight to him.
Therein lies the victory of life, the miracle.

It’s not about always needing to have amazing experiences or warm fluttery feelings.
It is choosing to be faithful in the mundane moments. The hard moments. The confusing moments. The dark moments.


See the victory in living in the mundane moments that make up the hours of today.
Lets quit striving for what we see as “success” of climbing to the mountain top or the extraordinary experiences as if we have finally arrived in our faith journey.
I say, success is found in simply not giving up. Its choosing to live in the minutes of today when it’s hard or sometimes plain boring.
Lets be people who are marked by faithfulness.
Faithful in the mundane, that allows God’s light to shine through our fragile clay pots. Our broken lives.

Faithfulness in the brokenness of our lives speaks volumes to a dying world watching. It speaks to the souls around us yearning to know who this God is that we haven’t quit on in daily trials and tribulations and a loving God who hasn’t quit on us.

Like Joseph who was faithful in his hours ,day, years.
His 13 years weren’t always marked by fuzzy experiences of everything going right is his life or greatness as the world would make us believe.
His life was marked by faithfulness one day at a time.
One day at a time choosing to trust God.
Joseph’s faithfulness was found in daily living in

Faithfulness is sometimes hard. grueling. mundane.
Faithfulness, trusting God in each road-mark along the journey when nothing makes senses.
Crying out in desperation for Jesus to meet us wherever life’s circumstances find us.
Don’t let our eyes fool us into what marks a “good” Christian life
Lets not underestimate a life of faithfulness.
A soul marked by trust in our God when life doesn’t seem momentous is a victory.
God is after our hearts…wherever we are in this long, hard race, whether the pit or the mountain top, he is consumed with our hearts, with making us more like him.

When we come to the end of our breath on this earth may we be able to utter this truth as Paul did,

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.

As the sun rises over the hills proclaiming it’s faithfulness of dawning light upon the earth, may our lives shine whenever & wherever the season we are in as faithful beacons of lights.

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Lately my prayer in the morning is,
God I want to be faithful to you in this day.
In these opportunities you place before me I don’t want to waste it away.
Whatever sufferings or hardships I find myself in, may I run to you not from you.
May I find victory living under the strength of your mighty wings.
I am here, living in this city, this season, this day for such a time as this. Not a moment to early or late.
Lead me by your Spirit, your servant is listening.
“Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk,  for I give myself to you.” ps. 143:8

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  1. Tammy Miller Lallier says:

    My favorite verse to pray.

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