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Lift Those Brown Eyes Up.

Like a tug of war

In the middle I stand

Feet digging down deep into the mud with arms outstretched to each side stuck holding the heavy rope

Feeling the weight of the tension pulling my soul

I look to the right, in that one hand, I hold the hope of life

The hope and belief that just as the Creator of all life life bent down and breathed his Spirit into that lump of dirt, forming Adam

He will breath his spirit into our child

Hope that he will bring life into fullness

Faith that he will he will answer on our behalf

That he will hear all those year upon years of prayers


Then, to the left to find heartbreak.

There I see in the other hand holding the heavy weight of sorrow.

Pain and suffering trying to convince me into doubt of my Maker

Grief dragging me to the left attempting to pull me right over


There I stand

In the middle of this tug of war

the tension tugging me

swaying my soul side to side


Like a boat rocking side to side in its harbor as the waves crash in, there also is my soul


Left to right, my heart trembles back and forth in the war of

hope and despair

love and hurt

trust and fear

faith and doubt

life and death


Worn from holding the weight in each hand,

He whispers into the weary crevices of my soul,

drop your hands from your side and lift them up to me

For in me you will find rest

I will carry those heavy ropes pulling you


Drop the rope

Drop the tension

Let it go.


The weight is pulling your eyes from me

Lift your chin, your tear-filled eyes up and I will dry those tears.

Stop looking to your left and to the right

rather look up at me

For in that moment you discover a peaceful rest to cover your soul


I will carry the tension

I will carry that rope

I will hold you

Release the rope, the tension will fall


The Life-giver speaks,

Lift those brown eyes up daughter.


I raise my eyes toward the mountains.

  Where will my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord,

   the maker of heaven and earth.




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  1. Jenny Garfias says:

    Always encouraging. Just what I needed

  2. Carole L. Frybarger says:

    I will never stop being impressed with your gift for writing, God has blessed you honey!

  3. Mary E King says:

    Beautiful Katie, absolutely beautiful……. just as you are!

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