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What am I without

Over the past weekend the days became almost too much to bare
Three days of several hard circumstances, raw emotions, and painful memories

By Sunday morning my eyes told the story as extra wrinkles and puffy bags enclosed around them like an army taking siege.

I won’t sit and recount the list of that went down but the days poured forth much weight pressing down on my body. Through the messy cobwebs of words that entrenched my mind I could only repeat this phrase,

What am I without Jesus today?

Death, loss, hard goodbyes, mourning, sorrow, pain, mental madness, burdens, and fear wins in my life, right here is this moment if it was not for you Jesus.

What am I without Jesus today?

As the hours ticked on by I poured out my heartfelt prayers that concluded with a thank you.

Thank you for the cross.

Thank you for your blood you shed on my behalf.

Thank you for your steadfast love.

Thank you for life.

Thank you for hope.

Thank you for carrying this unbearable load with me.

Thank you for redemption.

What am I without Jesus today?

Even though my heart ached and my eyes lined of tears, I am only left with words of praise,

thank you Jesus.
For in you we find hope.

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But I will hope continually, I will praise you yet more and more. Ps 71:14

I will praise the name of God with a song: I will magnify him with thanksgiving. Ps 69:30

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