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For the Rest of my Days// 11 year wedding anniversary

This weekend we snuck away to celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho. Last year was our big 10 year anniversary where I was on bed rest growing twins 🙂 So this year we really wanted to be intentional to spend time together remembering, reflecting, and dreaming for the future together.

Here is some words I wrote in honor of our 11th anniversary.

The rest of my days on earth I don’t need the love of anyone else’s, only yours

I just need your love.

Because your love is all I yearn for.

Recently, in the midst of a tense season, after long hours of conversation we stood up and you held me tight as I cried. I leaned back into the comfort of your arms, and lifted my eyes to yours and uttered those words to you.

Because after all we’ve walked through together, you my love, standing next to me is all I need to keep me breathing.

Your love, your presence is my oxygen

When I reach for your hand to hold, then I once can inhale again.

Love is intoxicating, courageous, grand, and sweet as honey.

Yet, this type of love is not forged in the calm open waters of life.

No, as we know, this depth of love is forged in the depths of seas.

Forged In the storms of the seas we sail right into.


On a hot and sunny afternoon on July 1, 2005 we sailed out of the harbor together with adventurous spirits ready to hit the wide open spaces of the seas filled with wonder, dreams, and opportunities.

We have enjoyed our quiet seasons under blue skies and peaceful waters coasting along, enjoying life

But then the winds shifted its course, and we were hit with storm after storm after storm.

There were times we thought we would be able to catch our breaths only to find us battening down the hatches once again.

But under those thick dark storm clouds that pounded us with rain soaked days and nights we became “sailors” who held hands in the questions, doubts, confusion, and pain.

And just like seasoned sailors, we’ve learned on this adventure of life in marriage, we often can’t control the winds or storms, but we can navigate the moments together, side by side, hand in hand.

And here we are 11 years into this marriage, now we sail in a whole new directions, stronger, learning together what this new map looks like.

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  1. Carole L. Frybarger says:

    I have said this before but your love for each other is inspiring, your words take my breath away as you share the depth of your love for each other. This is how I love grandpa and I have prayed for so many that they too could know this kind of love, because I know what a blessing it is!! You two have it, you get it, having a relationship like you do is the truest gift of all! Appreciate every minute of it honey! I love you and I love how you share with us all. You have such beauty inside and out! What I love the most is that my previous grandson has found this kind if love, he so needed and deserved it! May God continue to bless you both!

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