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11 months // Letters to my Babes

My girlies, how can it be today we are celebrating 11 months… 30 days away from your big one year Birthday? I know every parent say these cliche words, but it is just so true… where does time go? After I laid you down for your morning nap I sat at my computer reading your birth story and had a good cry. But I am not going to get all emotional on your 11 month… I am saving that for next month 🙂

You girls truly brighten my day, my life, but not the circles under my eyes. Our home is filled with baby babbles, chasing animals, discovering, exploring, lots of falls, snuggles, sister love and sister stealing.

Our Brooklyn Bear, this month has been a hard month for you as you are getting all your teeth at one time. You’ve not seemed like your happy self yet you still are determined to make sure you can keep up with your sister. You are climbing, crawling, and on the floor finding every tiny speck of nothing you can. Brooklyn, your eye for details is amazing. You love to roll up and snuggle on your sister, Annie, and your favorite fuzzy blankie all while babbling. You are a copy-cat and mimic every sound and word to the best of your little ability. Many say you are going to be like your daddy, able to do voices, accents, and sounds. Music is a new favorite activity as you bounce and wave those hands in the air. You love to feed yourself, copy your sister, and bat those big beautiful eyes at your mama and daddy that melt our hearts.

Our Ellie Bean, who is swooning the world with those baby blues. You are slowly coming out of your shell and accepting others more quickly rather than giving them the stare down. 🙂 You still are a mama’s girl and love to stay close to me.  Though you don’t babble as much as your sister you love to say lots of words. “Night, mama, daddy, papa, bye, all done” and a few more we can’t quite make out yet. You are so close to taking steps but unlike your fearless sister who throws caution to the wind, you are very methodical and careful about all your moves making sure your surroundings are secure. Bouncing is your favorite activity and anyone you can find to help join in your cause you go after… but you especially love jumping in your crib! You love your food but would rather someone else feed you so you can sit back and enjoy without getting messy. You love playing with your toys, finding my iphone, standing on anything, and splashing during bath time.

You girls light up my life. I snuggled near your dad one night after collapsing in bed from a long day chasing you two, and I said, “ I can’t believe we almost didn’t do IVF… they were worth every ounce of this journey.” I mean that baby girls. Life is fuller, sweeter, and more exciting with you apart of our family. Forever and always you’ll have my heart…I love you baby girls. 11 months with you and I’ve never looked backed.

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  1. Jessica Jaderquist says:

    Beautiful words for beautiful girls. I can’t believe how big they are! So sweet!

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