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Cheerful disposition

This morning I was running around cleaning the house trying to fit as much in as I could before the twins woke. I found myself grumbling…at the mess, the fact we are renting, and what I would prefer to own in a home… on and on. And then God popped a verse into my mind that I read earlier this morning.

“A cheerful disposition is good for your health”

Hunched over mopping the muddy entry way I asked God to change my heart into a cheery disposition as I cleaned. Right there in my entry way I asked the Holy Spirit for a heart of thankfulness. And he did!

I began vacuuming the floors with gratitude and scrubbing toilet with hymns of praise… and this is not about me or what I did! This is all the work of the Spirit.

By the time I finished up I had a whole new disposition and cheerful heart. I began thinking how gracious God is. I may not get hours upon hours like I used to get spent in the scriptures and in prayer. Yet, He used a simple Proverb I read while guzzling my coffee down quickly this morning to becoming “living an active” in my life and heart as in the middle of housework. God met me and we worked out the implications of His Holy word inside my messy home.

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