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18 months // Letters to my Babes, Brooklyn + Eliana

You turned 18 months yesterday and I celebrated your special day with coffee and tears. How did 6 long years longing to hold you in my arms feel like eternity, yet now that you’re here I blink and you turn another month older?

I was journaling my prayers to Lord the other morning and I found myself praising God again for the gift of your life. I never take for granted that your life was longed for, prayed for, and given to us as a gift. You bring such light and love to our lives. You are gifts my girls, precious gifts. I pray you carry your story with fire in your bones and courage in your heart.

Last night I snuck into your bedrooms to watch you sleep. Ellie to my left and Brooklyn to my right. There you laid snuggled close to your blankies sound asleep. I just watched over you, soaking in these fleeting moments. I don’t ever want to stop awing over you, longing to be with you, aching for your presence. Your lives are symbols, representations that God is with us. That he hears our prayers and our tears. That He brings flowing rivers into our wasteland.

18 months later I still am in awe. The only thing I can do is praise Jesus every day, with everything  I am.


My sweet Brooklyn Rene.
Oh my precious baby girl, forever my baby you’ll be. You are sweet and gentle. So loving and compassionate. You always share and welcome all with smiles and affection.
You LOVE music, to bob your head and bounce up and down to every beat that you hear. You love books, your sister, your blankie, baths, reading, Minnie Mouse and using your imagination. You are a chatter box 🙂 and love to chit chat non stop! We love your stories.
You have fought so hard to be able to walk and you are there… making steps and showing us all how to persevere.


My sweet Eliana Grace.
Oh my girl, you are an energizer bunny and snuggle bug all wrapped into one. You have places to go and people to see. You don’t want to be constrained in anyway and want to run and climb with your adventurous spirit. I love watching you explore the world around you with such freedom and courage. You LOVE your blankie, dancing to music, and animals. You smother our pets with your hugs and kisses and long for Annie the goldendoodle kisses back! You love your “sissy Brookie,” as you say and to make sure she is always taken care of. You love to snuggle and read, to tell us all your new words your learning, and to just want to go. 🙂


Happy 18 months sweet girlies! Before I know it you will be TWO!

Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things,
things planned long ago.

“Mom, are we done yet?! I am SO OVER this!” 🙂 haha

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