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First Family Trip to Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is a quaint beach town nestled on the Oregon Coast that holds a little piece of our heart. Branden and I’s story is weaved with stories from Cannon Beach. One thing I always looked forward to is one day taking my family to the magical ocean town that holds memory stones of our story. I had to wait 6 very long years for my precious girls and right before I started IVF in September of 2014 Branden and I spent a day on the shores of the beach praying together for the days ahead, not knowing that we’d be soon blessed with the gift of twins!

The girls are 22 months and every month that has passed I’ve wanted to drive them over the hills and down into the sandy shores at Cannon Beach. With failed attempts at planned trips, at the last minute a place opened us and we packed our Honda Pilot to the brim and off we went. As a still somewhat new mom I learned quickly on the first day to burry my dreamy expectations on the shores and leave them there. Being a dreamer, I had built up lofty dreams of playing on the beach for hours… but once the girls informed us they hated the sand by┬átheir blood-curdling screams it was time to let those dreams die. ­čÖé

I would have loved for a family photo of the 4 of us and more pictures of the girls together, but I am thankful for the quick shots I got of them enjoying Cannon Beach on the grass! ­čÖé I left Cannon Beach refreshed and excited for┬ámany more vacations down to the coast to build memories together as a family.


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