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5 Essential Oil Starter Tips

If you are like I was when I first started out….you just ordered your first essential oil kit and like a kid on Christmas morning, you are patiently awaiting its arrival. Your pretty little purple box finally arrives on your door step, you open it all enthusiastic for your new natural lifestyle… and then you freeze. You completely forget what diluting means, what to do with all your oils, or what you need to make the perfect rollerball blends. 🙂 That is why I created these quick tips to get you started on the right foot.

Here are my top 5 essential oil must-haves to starting out on your essential oil journey.

*There are links to the products for your ease, some are affiliate links.

Alright lets get started…

#1. A PRETTY BOX: I know it sounds simple, but if you don’t have your oils out and in eye sight, you will forget to use your oils. Put your oils in a place that is convenient, and that you will see them everyday. For our family, I have a box on our kitchen counter, and one in our bathroom.

#2.COLBALT BLUE ROLLERBALLSOne of the things you’ll need on hand are glass rollerballs so you can make your own personal blends.  Looking for some fun rollerballs? Try these colorful ones.

Pre making rollerballs to have on hand making using your oils that much more easy. Some of my top pre-made rollerball recipes to have always ready are: Happy Mama, Tummy Tamer, Immunity, Sleep.

#3 FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL : To make your rollerballs you will need Fractionated Coconut oil to dilute your oils. Fractionated Coconut oil stays in liquid form and won’t solidify like regular coconut oil

#4 THE ESSENTIAL LIFE (or the Oil Bible as we call it in our home): To learn what recipes to make, this is the book you need. This essential oil reference guide provides easy to use steps, usage tips and advice along with in-depth, expert-level knowledge. Whether you’re new to essential oils or an advanced user, the Essential Life book will quickly become the ONLY essential oil guide you’ll need.

#5 A DIFFUSERWhen starting out, sometimes the easiest place to start is by diffusing. A diffuser  delivers health-promoting benefits to your family and home in an easy and convenient way.


>> If you don’t have your essential oils yet, click here to get started 

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