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Letters to my Babes // you are 2.5

Dear Brooklyn and Eliana,

I may be writing your letter 2 months late, but that is only because you keep my on my toes. My sweet girls, it seems like yesterday I was writing your 6 month update and here we are 2 years later. People told me that time speeds up when you have kids…. but I had no idea it went this fast!

My girls, this age has been a delight. We’ve been soaking up the two phase with delight and joy. My favorite part of this age is our conversations… oh the little sayings and words you come up with. You both have the sweetest voices filled with innocence that is music to my ears. Your imagination is budding and I find such joy watching you tend with such care to your baby Ava dolls, your Minnie and Mickey friends, and your dollhouse people. You LOVE playing hide-n-seek and any silly “game” I can come up with 🙂

You’ve learned 3 Bible verse that you love to repeat, Philippians 4:13, Ephesians 2:10, and Genesis 1:1. You love to listen to music and dance, The Frozen Soundtrack and Jesus Loves Me are the 2 most popular requests.

You both hate to see one another sad, you are quick to console one another by rubbing each other’s backs and always grabbing your sister’s blankie when tears come. You are beginning to enjoy playing with one another, Play Kitchen and “driving” under the bathroom sink are your 2 favorites.

Brooklyn Rene, you are my overcomer. You face your fears and overcome challenges with your friend Sara every Tuesday. Brooklyn you’ve got a tender spirit that has your mama beat… and that is say something. You are gentle and funny… you love to make silly faces and keep us laughing, yet you are care about others in a deep way.

Eliana Grace, you are my easy-going, 2-going-on-10, full of joy babe. You are so patience and so helpful around the home. You LOVE to snuggle and are a daddy’s girl. You love waking before the sun and spending time just with your Dad. You love to “mommy” your twin sister and she usually goes along with it everyday. You are my outdoors girl, rain, snow or sunshine you want to be outside playing and running.

I love you sweet babes.  I love watching the world through your eyes…  the splendor over a simple balloon or snowflake falling through the air brings me to worship the Creator of it all. You show me how to slow down and enjoy life in the moment, for that is all we have. The little prayers at night you utter before God reminds me of the simple Child-like faith we all need more of.

You girls are miracles. I pray your life be a light, that your story of life remind us all of the God who loves and created each one of us for such a time as this.

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