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My journey to Silver // doTERRA in a year

If you are familiar with my story, you know I am passionate about holistic health… from what we eat, to what we put on on bodies, to our healthcare. When Essential Oils became a part of my holistic journey I knew a new passion was coming to light… and that was sharing with others.

Because of my husbands prodding, he encouraged me to do the business side with doTERRA… much to my hesitation. I didn’t know about this whole mlm thing… but I knew 2 things: I loved and believed in essential oils and wanted to share this gift with others and secondly, I loved doTERRA.

So I took the leap. With fears in tact but passion for holistic health burning within, I said yes, purchased the Home Essentials Starter Kit in January 2017 and set a goal.

I wanted to hit the Rank of Silver within One year.

On February 8, 2017 I held my first class in my home with the help of my friend, mentor, and upline (now diamond 😉 ) Jessi.

On February 2018 I hit the rank of Silver.

Between those 365 days the art of showing up and persevering is how the path to Silver was laid.

Why am I sharing this post today? Because when I was trying to hit silver I began googling, on the search for other’s stories they’d blogged, to give me motivation that it could be done. After all my googling and searching I couldn’t find very many at all. I always promised myself I would share my thoughts when I hit silver for others to find yet also for myself.  While working on my new goals for the next year and I wanted this blog post to be a reflection point, to come back to every year and remind myself I can do hard things. One reason I love blogging is I am able to revisit my thoughts, looking back on seasons and reflect on the journey.

My few brief thoughts on how to hit Silver in a year.

  • START!
  • Classes
    • Hold classes. I used to be sooooo scared to teach essential oil classes and now I LOVE them! I love teaching people how to use essential oils and find freedom in their health and emotional needs. Teaching classes is not only life-changing for them, but also for myself.
    • Practice. I wrote a class script and practiced over and over in front of my husband until I was comfortable.
  • Show up with perseverance & consistency, take quitting out of your vocabulary.
    • Some weeks and months the fears overcome you, you are filled with doubt you can really do this. Keep going. The only way to overcome those fears is to persevere.
    • Show up when you don’t feel like it. When you are tired and don’t believe you can. Showing up is for YOU. Don’t quit on your dreams. When quitting is not an option it changes your commitment level. This was huge for me.
  • Social Media
    • Social Media has been a fun way for me personally to connect and re-connect with others looking for natural solutions in their life.
  • Team/Community
    • I didn’t do this alone. My upline, crossline, downline, friends and family ALL played a part of my journey. When I ran my photography business for 8 years I was so used to doing things solo and without community… doTERRA has changed that all for me and given me the best community of friends. I cried a lot when I was close to hitting silver because of the support and love I was receiving. I was overwhelmed at the amount of friends cheering for me, sending me texts and messages. I have never experienced reaching for a goal in a selfless community before and I now know I’ve been missing out all these years.
  • Choose your hours.
    • As a busy twin mama to toddlers I still was able to invest 2-15 hours a weeks. I loved that I made my own hours on my terms and what fit best with our family.
  • Continue learning.
    • Going to trainings and Convention were life-changing experiences for me and fueled me with a deeper passion to share these oils.
  • Don’t lose sight of your why.
    • When I first began I wrote my why out…. I walked rooted in my why and on days that got shaky I went back and reread my “why.” This has never been about money, yes that’s a perk & a reward, but my why, it’s about my family, my girls… about taking care of our mind, bodies, and souls. It’s about freedom, living free.
  • Prayer. God’s Grace.
    • I didn’t accomplish anything by my own strength or will… it was all by God’s grace. He enabled me to face fears, He was the one who opened doors and gave me opportunity to use my gifts. He filled me strength and courage to do speak with strangers, share my passions, and make new friendships.

I hope my reflections and ramblings were helpful and encouraging. If this is something you want, I believe you can do it. If I can accomplish Silver in a year with toddler twins, fears on my shoulders, and having no extra spending money, I know you can do it! 🙂 My husband was the one who believed in me when I didn’t have the courage to go for it… so I want to stand here as your cheerleader telling you, I believe in you.

When you open an doTERRA account on my team you have 2 options, simply being a happy oil user as a customer, or joining my team as a wellness advocate to build your own business.

If you are interested in a holistic approach to wellness, are passionate about helping others, and building your own business interests you, ask yourself…

  • Where are you at currently?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Whats stopping or holding you back from getting there?
Starting is the biggest hurdle so don’t let fear hold you back from beginning.  If you want to join a fun and growing team I would love to mentor and support you in your dreams. Fill out the info below and I will be in touch.

• True, lasting residual income • No limits on advancement & earnings • Freedom to choose your schedule • Support as you build your dreams

      1. To find out more email me today and I will be in touch shortly!  


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