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Open my Heart to Hope.

Star of hope

Shining over the dark night sky breaking in

Bringing word of the impossible

Oh little star beaming over Bethlehem bringing the light of hope.

Shining high above 10 little toes and 10 little fingers.

Brightness surrounding a tiny babe swaddled tight.


Hope wrapped in a swaddle.

Hope in the humanity and divinity of a babe been born.

Hope redefined.

Hope unexpected.

Isn’t that how he still arrive in our lives today? The seasons that seem cold and unrelenting, we can’t quite find our way out of the disorienting fog , he whispers hope of the impossible by showing up the way we’d least expect.

In our stillness, he arrives in our dark, bringing light.

He brings arrival of hope through the impossible, the unexpected ways.

I want hope of victory to come in chariots and Kings, he brings victory in the upside down kingdom.

Shine light, shine in on the dense fog swallowing our vision.

The warmth of light breaking in, open my heart to hope.

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