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2019 New Year

I’d love to tell you I made it till the clock struck 12, but I was sound asleep as the calendar turned to 2019.

There’s something about fresh starts, new dreams, letting go and moving forward.

Each year is a gift, even if intertwined with hard things, I don’t take for granted what a gift it is to be given breathe.

I don’t waste the days and years I’ve been given. I’m ready to step into all that God has called me into.

2018 for me had a lot to do with shedding beliefs and facing hard inner battles to set me free… free to walk into 2019 full of expectation that God isn’t done writing his story.

This is the a year,

To stand faithful in the mundane.

To remain grateful in all things.

To serve in love.

To believe the best in all people.

To live fearless, courageous and brave.

Thank you Jesus for opportunity to live in 2019. To celebrate your goodness!

Okay I want to know, Did you make it till midnight?!

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