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One Week with Kezia Joy

It may only be 7 days since they first laid you on my chest, but it’s been 5 years of love growing for you in my heart.

5 years of heart separation, of longing for you, 5 years dreaming of you Kezia Joy. 

One week with you snuggled in my arms has expanded my heart to love more deeply than I thought possble.

You were always meant to be a part of our family. One week home and your presence has brought light, joy and love in fresh ways.

You were the missing piece and just as your name means, “It is finished.”

I walked into the hospital anxious yet full of anticipation and just as I prayed, your birth became sacred and holy. With worship music filling my ears, you entered the world. Your birth day, right there in the white, sterile operating room became an altar of worship.

7 days in and I can’t stop praising your Maker. One week of weeping in praise to our King, thanking him for the gift of you! Your little life brings me to my knees and lifts my arms in adoration of God’s kindness and good gifts he has given.

Gratitude and love is all that I have to whisper in the quiet nights I hold you close.

Who am I that I would get the gift of you Kezia Joy, that I would get the opportunity to raise and love 3 daughters?

Your entrance into this world has transformed our hearts and home, we are one week in to a lifetime of love with you sweet girl.

Your sisters are smitten with their role to tend to your needs.

Your daddy has melted into a puddle as he holds your tiny frame in his arms.

Your mama is gushing with pride, we did it girl! You and I made it through and your Birthday was a celebration of the race we ran together.

One week of you in my arms, loving you Kezia joy, yet 6 years of longing for a love like this.

Your Birthday was the fulfillment of the waiting.
The 6 years waiting to become a mom, another 5 years waiting to become pregnant with you, and the final 9 months waiting to welcome you into the world.

Oh what a race of waiting for you….

You are the end of the waiting.
You are the completion to the infertility.
You are close of a chapter.

Kezia Joy, 7 days in our arms has changed us. You are a gift and we soak up all the goodness your little life brings one day at a time.

Love you Kezia Joy,

your Mama

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