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Little Overcomer // Sensory Processing

This week this sweet girl overcame challenges and fears and FINALLY started riding her bike. Each time I see her little legs peddling that pink princess bike down the street I see an overcomer and I can’t stop smiling!

Riding her bike has been a challenge… many tears and struggles for all of us. We even bought her a brand new bike a few months ago to incentivize her to ride; but to no avail.

For some sensory kiddos they can’t feel where they are in “space,” there is no grounding in their bodies, so it’s absolutely terrifying to be on a bike as they feel out of control… on top of trying to coordinate all the left right movements in their little brains, it just can be frustrating to put it all together. To even get her to SIT on the bike and not have a freak out was a daily challenge.

The more she saw her twin sister freely riding the streets with no training wheels the more left behind Brooklyn began feeling. She wanted to “try” to ride and keep up with Ellie but she would become so anxious that it always ended in tears.

Mothers Day morning I awoke at 3am and just cried tears of burden for Brooklyn. How do I navigate twins developments when they become aware…  she is noticing her differences and comparing. We’re in a rough patch with SO many routine changes (thank you Covid) and then adding her bike riding woes to the mix has kept me laying in bed in the early hours praying how to navigate this.

Then one day this week we were surprised when unexpectedly Brooklyn asked to go out and ride her bike. (which is a big step for HER to initiate)

There was some hesitation, but she got on and all of a sudden it just clicked for her! To see her face light up as she peddled down the court by herself was the BEST moment a mama could ask for.

These weeks have been SO hard, but it’s these overcomer moments that keep me going… its when we stop and celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small.

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