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5 months with Kezia Joy

Kezia Joy, 

As I tucked you into bed, I held you close and kissed those chubby cheeks and sadly exhaled out the words, “goodnight to the last 4 month old I will ever have.” Because of you, sadness overcomes me as we say good-bye to another month… you are the BEST baby and I want 1,000 more because of you! I grieve each stage we leave behind because YOU made it so fun! I want to hold on to your littleness, hold my little baby just a little while longer. I waited far too long for these moments as a mama and it aches my heart to see them fleeing faster than I want. In just 9 days your twins sisters are 5… it felt like yesterday they were 5 months.

This morning I woke to my thick-thighed, all smiles, 5-month old Kezia Joy. You have recently found your feet and you don’t want any toys other than to nibble those tiny toes of yours.

We spent the last week at Priest Lake and you learned 2 new tricks! On the sandy beaches you decided to show us all how to roll from back to front with smiles. You also found out how fun, sticking your tongue out is as you blow. We love to giggle at your drooly face as you pucker those lips and stick that precious tongue at us.

You loved the sunshine, sand and water! We stuck your little toes in the water and you were in heaven. No tears or fear… you just soaked it all in. And when you discovered the sand you didn’t panic, you just wanted to keep playing in it.

Kezia you are adored and loved more than words can write. Your twin sisters ADORE you and your mama would do anything just for you. Your daddy loves teaching you new tricks and spending the mornings with you before he leaves for work. You love to babble and giggle and simply go with the flow. 

Right now, our home revolves around you Kezia Joy… and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Because you are a bright light to our hearts. 

I smile and laugh more because of you, we all do! 

Kezia Joy, you are a gift far greater than I imagined. From the depths of my heart, I love you.

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