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Letters to my Babes // Brooklyn and Ellie are 5.

My sweet daughters, you are now 5. No one can prepare a mama’s heart for how fast motherhood goes. The saying is so true, the days feel long sometimes, but the years, they are short.

This last year brought so much change in our family, from you starting preschool, to my difficult pregnancy, to bringing your sister Kezia home… to living in the strangest time in world history. It definitely has been a year of change.

I have watched you both handle these big life changes and seen how these things we are walking through as a family have made you stronger and so compassionate. 

The 9 months that I was pregnant I worried about you. I lived on a couch as you played near me and tended to ME. You were SO compassionate and caring, in the simple ways you would talk to Kezia in my belly and rub my back and feet. You girls watched your mama suffer to bring your sister earth side and though I used to have guilt, I have shaken that off and look at if through a different lens. Those hard moments were used as beautiful life lessons to shape you.

Kezia is 5 months old now and you both have love and adore HER since we brought her home. You fit your role of big sister without skipping a beat. You kiss her cheeks, put her to bed, and every morning you run into our room to find her first and greet her with hugs and a Good Morning. 

Brooklyn and Eliana, I have often thought about what words I would share with you this year on your 5th Birthday in light of where the world is at the moment. No one could have prepared us, that we would be raising children in THIS mess. I have had my moments of tears and discouragement…  thoughts of not wanting to raise my daughters in this time in history… But God, he knew. For such a time as this.

You are here on this earth for this appointed time. 

As a mama it is my job and honor to lead, pray and raise you up to be light bearers in a dark world. To love bravely as hate spews. To speak kindness when anger rages.

Since you were 2 I have taught you an affirmation statement of sorts. 

We often recite these words several times a day, 


“ I am brave, strong and courageous. 

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. 

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Jesus loves me.

Mom loves me

Dad loves me.”


As we have spoken these words time after time I have begun having a deep fire in my soul, I must lead you in example, by the Spirits empowering of what it is to be brave, strong and courageous.

I can’t say these words and long for you to live this out if I myself can’t do it. 

How can I teach you to stand for your faith? To love in the midst of persecution? To not fear Man over God? To be courageous in times where people are hiding in fear? 

I must walk it out with my own 2 feet. 

My convictions, my love for Jesus, my unwavering faith is what I long to pass along. I long for you to call upon the Spirit of God, even as a 5 year old! For if you have God’s power, you will stand in all situations with bravery, courage, and strength. 

Brooklyn and Eliana, I have stood and declared year over year your life is a miracle and gift. As is all life. 

But, your story, God has written a different script… your lives are here because of answered prayers. I never want you to forget that…. and so every year I will remind you of that truth. Don’t ever lose sight that you are here because of Jesus answering 6 years of prayers. 

I hope and pray that you see your life as set apart. That you are here in this moment in time to share love and light. Do I believe as little 5 year olds you can be a small ripple to change the world. Yes, yes I do. 

Because your joy and love is unaffected by the world’s events. You are innocent to the raging world on fire. And so your little smiles, your joyful skips, and silly laughs can light up this world. 

I am writing this to you as 5 year olds, because I hope one day when you are in your teens or twenties and you come back to these letters, you see that I loved you before you ever came to be. That I love you now, I loved you then, and I will love you to eternity. 

I believe you can impact the world today as a 5 year old. And I believe you’ll bring light and love to the world, God-willing, all the days of your life. 

A little note to each of you…. 


Brooklyn Rene, 

You are a friend to all. There are no strangers in your sphere and you love to share gifts, smiles and conversations to every person you come across. You want everyone to be included! I LOVE your enthusiasm for others, you just want to make another friend. You are so intune to the emotions of those around, that you meet their sadness or sorrow with caring love. 

You continue to work hard, to push past any obstacle. Your determination to keep going is an inspiration to all. This year you worked SO HARD to put one pedal in front of another. You faced your fears of riding your bike. You practiced with persistence, even when you thought you couldn’t’ do it… you kept trying. 


Eliana Grace, 

Sweet girl, you are a care-taker, independent, yet so “mothering,” you are always looking out for the needs of others. You are so responsible, yet tender in love for your 2 sisters. You dress them, get their blankets, shoes, or whatever is needed. You often do everything needed without ever being asked. You love your independence away from your mama… like going to school and learning without me 😉 Which is hard from me to let you soar alone…. But I know, I was the same when I was your age. You and I are more alike every day that passes.

Ellie, you are steadfast and a leader… unwavering. You don’t accept anyone into your circle without trust first. But once they earn your trust, you are loyal. 


Brooklyn and Eliana, Your twin sister relationship is unique and a treasure. I pray you always defend one another, grow to be close friends, and always rejoice that though you are different in so many ways… you can celebrate each other’s difference as a beautiful gift and partnership. 

Keep celebrating one another and building your friendship. You two have a sister bond that is a gift, don’t ever forget that. 

I love you forever and always sweet daughters. 

Stand Strong, Be Brave and walk in Courage. 

Let your light shine!

You are loved,
Your mama.


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