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Kezia Joy is 7 months

7 months with you Kezia Joy,
You spent the last month traveling on a plane to Arizona to meet your great-grandparents and did so good with being bustled around. You are smiling with those 2 bottom teeth popping out, all while there are 2 more making there way out. You LOVE mornings, 5am on the dot you are singing in your crib. Good thing your dad is an early riser! You have been enjoying all the new solids foods and love being included at the dinner table. I think you’d ditch your bottle and go straight for all solids if you could… you have twins to keep up with!
Kezia, your sweet face and personality brings more JOY into our home then words will ever explain. As I watch you roll around shoving little toes in your mouth or cooing in the mornings in your crib… the littlest things about you light my soul with joy. I think about what a gift you are in this season. You light up our home with love and smiles— our home revolves around you and we are all okay with that 🙂
Kezia your eyes burst with sunshine, your smile filled with sweetness. You swoon our hearts and make our cheeks tired from all the smiling. If there was ever a time for a Kezia Joy to be here, this would be it. One day I will tell you how the year you were born, 2020, was history in the making… but for our little family, 2020 was one of the best years of our family!
I never knew how much your would embody your name “Cassia,” a sweet smelling cinnamon… You would carry a sweetness and joy and complete our family as icing on the cake! There is none like you sweet girl…My heart explodes as I hold you… I love you more than words can ever convey.

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