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Heart like a child.

I was in my kitchen when my sweet Brooklyn walked up and said, “Mom can I serve you today and wash your windows.” I about fell over from shock, then reached in the drawer and handed her the cloth and let her go. I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my words lately, not using chores or jobs, rather using family /team and serving one another, like the heart of Jesus. You sometimes feel like nothing is sticking, no one is listening to you …any other moms with me? But then you have a moment where you realize they are watching and listening.
I was going up and down the stairs and then I glanced and saw 15 minutes later, she’s still at work on every single window. I realize I will be re-cleaning these when they are at preschool, but her heart behind this was 100% love.
And I think when we serve God, it’s just like Brooklyn approaching me this morning. He doesn’t want our perfection, he just wants pure hearts, our willingness to say, “how can I serve you today God?” He will come behind and make all that we touched perfect in his sight.
So often we just need to go back to child-like faith, where we don’t overthink our performance or ability which usually leads to inaction. We need a heart like a child, to simply approach God with pure love and a longing to serve him in ways that bring delight.

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