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8 months with Kezia Joy

My Sweet Girl, you are 8 months and a mouth full of teeth! All 4 top teeth are making their way down to join your bottom 2. You have learned in the last week to wave at others and to shake your head, “no,” which we all get a giggle out of. You are loving eating at the table with the family and continue to be SO easy going. You rarely cry or get upset, even when you wake in the morning all I hear is cute little babbles in your crib. You are flexible and make my life a breeze as you go with the flow… I think as only the baby of the family can. Living with you is a complete reverse experience to your twin sisters… who lived on a rigid schedule and couldn’t go with the flow because of it….But this is the only way twin mothers survive 😉

My precious girl, you add the joy to my life with your chubby-cheeked grin and sweet babbles. My heart melts the minute I lock eyes to yours. For many 2020 has dragged on… for me, it is going WAY to fast with you! 🙂  

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