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I’ll follow Jesus, even if…. even if I drown I’ll obey.

Natural and supernatural, feet straddling the line of both. Tossed like a ship in the waves, lenses looking into the physical, material world can’t make it make sense. The supernatural eyes; the lens peering through God-breathed scripture, says get out of the boat.

A hand from the middle of the ocean reaches out, calling me out of the boat. Just like Peter, who stood in that boat with the same fight- straddling a foot in the boat, the physical realm whispering, this is crazy. A foot grazing over the water, the supernatural saying look straight into Jesus and walk out of the boat. Faith bid him to step out with two feet and begin walking on the water when reality told his mind, he was crazy, he could drown.

When Jesus calls, his voice must be the only voice our ear can obey… for his voice drowns out the lies of the natural. Faith is all that was needed to walk on water… if we listen to fear we will never leave the boat and experience Jesus-sized miracles!

I once heard it said, Peter losing faith and sinking down in the water wasn’t a great failure, it was his GREATEST moment. God‘s love language is obedience… Peter walked out with a heart of obedience. When in a moment of weakness, he cried out Lord save me! He walked out on that water in complete faith- reminding us, FAITH is an action! Our default reaction in these moments where God asks us to obey in faith is control and safety. Faith is actually us feeling weak and wobbly at times. Peters’s sinking speaks to my heart, he didn’t walk out faith perfectly, his weakness showed and he started sinking! BUT, God’s power is made perfect when we obey, even when all we have is a weakness to show for it. Our faith-filled obedience, no matter how weak it seems, is a place of great intimacy with the heart of the Father.

With a foot straddling each side of the boat, I ask, How do I get out of the boat with both feet and walk on water?

Stop looking at all the convincing evidence my eyes show me, close them, shut out fear… and step out in a FAITH that starts placing the physical signs of fear beneath my feet. God’s voice calling out from the water is inviting me, in all my weakness to experience a new level of intimacy and miraculous faith. It takes courage like Peter, to stand in the boat, look back at the other disciple’s fear-stained faces, feel the storm rocking the boat, and say I’ll risk it all for you, Jesus. Even if I drown, it’s worth reaching you.

The letting go, the surrender holds a key to greater faith. I’ll follow Jesus, even if…. even if I drown I’ll obey.

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