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The lose and rebirth of Vision

VISION: the act or power of seeing : SIGHT: something seen in a dream…. a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation.

Wrestling, I ask lately, why am I flooded with vision, with the ability to see with such clarity? There’s a fire of Faith burning because the fog is lifted. Recently I asked God, why. Why am I seeing and sensing with what feels like laser-focused glasses that have illuminated the path ahead?

After asking and asking I got my answer. I sensed him whisper, “because you gave me your vision… remember. Go back and remember.”

I knew! I remembered the day I lost my vision. I anxiously scrolled and scrolled through writings until December 2012. 9 years ago held a key to today….

“Type-A, the personality description that’s usually placed on first-borns and I am no exception. I am a planning, hard-working, to-do list living, know where I am going, girl. It fuels me and often gives me purpose in my day because I’m constantly looking ahead and then planning the necessary steps to get there. Oh the deep satisfaction of crossing outlines on my to-do list, accomplishing all that’s set before me. Type-A friends…who’s with me? 🙂

I could always SEE ahead and make plans accordingly, then like a white sheet dropping down before my eyes, my vision became blind.

I lost my sight for my life. I only could see a blank white canvas, the brightly painted future upon the canvas went missing.

And this began frustrating me…Why can’t I see ahead? What happened to my vision for my life? Where is my future? Why can I only see today?

Many days I poured out my complaint before the Lord, “God I can’t see… I can’t see anything ahead. God, where are we going??”

Through His word, he quietly reminded me.

I lost my sight because I am to live by faith. Trusting in Him alone, not in my vision.

My vision for life went blank, forcing my hands to lay down my paintbrushes and paint and hold the hand of my Creator, the true painter of my canvas- my life.

Every moment lived by faith, forces me to trust my Creator with His ultimate vision for my life.

Faith is being sure of what we HOPE for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

Being certain of what I do not see doesn’t come naturally, but I choose to rejoice in my blind vision. Because the death of my sight means true life in Christ….more faith, more believing, and more trusting in Him.

For we are called to walk by faith, not by sight. (2 cor. 5:7) and He’s brought me to a place of living in utter dependence upon Him, walking only by faith.

God blinded my sight of seeing ahead to bring me to a place of living by believing and not by seeing. (2 Corinthians 5:7 nlt)

Nine years ago I wrote, the death of my sight means more faith…. I’m here to proclaim I never imagined the way that would transpire, but when God gave me vision back he filled my soul with a FAITH that isn’t of me. It’s a gift, I let him blind me and I walked in a dark dog while trusting his hand. Never believing it would lead me here… to this place where I SEE with the faith to move mountains.

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