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• Tents • Sands  •  Shells • Revival 

• Tents • Sands  •  Shells • Revival 

A long story… but a miraculous God story! Hopefully, you make it to the end! 😉

Prior to the Lord ever calling us to Florida, there were other visions, one that included a white tent.

In the fall of 2020, I began seeing a vision of a white tent when in prayer. The intensity would grow over time, I knew the tent was symbolic and jotted it in my prayer journal. One night I ended up praying ”Lord I don’t know what you want me to do exactly, so can you send me someone with a tent and I’ll obey.”

In April when we visited the 30A area, on the last night, God woke me in the middle of the night and I heard cleary, “start in Panama City Beach.” I wrote those words down, not sure of all the implications. A few weeks later the Holy Spirit prompted me with the words, “Spring Break.” I got up and googled spring break and discovered Panama City Beach is known as the biggest spring break capital in the U.S.

Fast forward: July 2021 we were visiting Flordia again and staying in a condo in Panama City Beach. We were there praying and seeking God, asking If moving was really what he was asking. I was having a rough night the last night, the warfare was heavy. I headed out on a walk by myself on the beach, when I walked out to the sand the first thing I see is an empty white tent. All alone the tent stood, no one around it. I walked around it and kept looking for people, who owns this tent!…. but NO ONE was even near it. I watched people walk close and thought this must be theirs, but they would keep on walking right past it. I snapped a few photos because this moment felt so significant. When I saw the tent the Spirit began reminding me of those earlier tent visions. Every fear, doubt, and worry I was wrestling with prior to my walk was crumbling down.

Fast forward: We obey God and move and I forget about the tent. Haha (this is why I write everything down! I forget!)

Over Christmas break, I was perusing Instagram and stumbled upon a post by @desireesiegfried. There she is standing in front of a red tent with a caption that speaks to the 2 specific things God had called me to in Florida as well: prayer and house churches.

I’m not one to reach out on Instagram, especially larger accounts, but with tears in my eyes I shoot off a quick message, expecting to not hear anything back. But soon Desiree and I were connecting over zoom all the ways the Spirit is moving in our hearts and cities! As she and I were talking, Spring Break pops into my heart, and quickly we are dreaming and praying about how to get these tents in Panama City Beach.

Desiree then offers to send me her tents to do a Spring Break outreach. Honestly, I had forgotten about the tent prayer until last week when God was asking me to go back and “remember.” And right in front of my eyes, I see the prayer in November 2020, “I put you to the test God, I will obey Lord if you will send me someone with a tent.”

I fully believe Desiree is the answer to this prayer. I love how creative God is in calling, speaking and answering prayers. 

Red Tents | White Sand 

The image of one of her red tents on sugar-white sand sends chills down my spine. We didn’t plan it this way, but it is interesting… the seashells on the pure white sand was how the Spirit really spoke to me… “these shells are like my children, I’ve already bought them with my blood. They are covered white as snow, like this white sand, but they don’t know it yet.”

(I shared in a post recently the significance of the white sand,  for those that missed it click here.)

Desiree shared with me the significance of her choosing the color red for her tents: Red -symbolic for being covered in the blood of Christ. 

I love how God is in the details, even down to colors.

Are you called?

Many times it has felt like I am free-falling, from moving here to the Florida Panhandle to organizing a Spring Break Prayer tent ministry, but I am full of FAITH that God will show up. We are only called to take steps of obedience, offering God our hearts fully surrendered… HE is the one who is at work, we just join and follow HIM. I am not tied to outcomes or numbers, I am surrendered to following His voice. Any result isn’t my doing anyway, it’s His presence.

If you feel led to come to join us in Panama City Beach, please reach out to

3 ways to partner:

  1. PRAY! Join our prayer team by signing up here (fill out the contact form)
  2. Join us on the beach in March for Spring Break! (fill out the contact form)
  3. Sponsor a tent. We are trying to keep costs at a minimum but we do have some needs. 


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