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NEW thing, Old Ways

I hear the cries from hearts aching for the new. I too ache. Longing for a fresh birth of new wine. (Revival, renewal, fresh outpouring of the Spirit) But just as birth brings a new life, the process of birth is unchanging. It can only happen as it has generation over generation, the SAME way.

New, in spiritual ways, comes forth by walking in the ancient ways. Just like physically birthing a new baby only comes through the same process- you can’t bypass the birth process and make it happen in a new way. The NEW is in the result, not in the process. The way of birthing was established from the beginning of time. Women’s bodies naturally submit to the process.

In longing for a new season, for God to break in and bring a fresh new wine, let’s not forget to “stand at the crossroads and look for the ANCIENT PATHS. Ask where the good way is and walk in it…” (Jer 6:16)

I think spiritually speaking, we can’t birth something new in this season and bypass ancient truths. We don’t get “new” by doing new. We get the NEW THING, by the old ways!

“The ancient paths and the good way are the same; they are the way of repentance, reconciliation, fear, and love of God…” (Feinberg)

Many of us want the new thing God is doing. But I deeply believe it’s through the mundane, ancient paths of Gospel truth: prayer, repentance, reconciliation, fear, and obedience to God. Smashing idols, living before an audience of one, worshipping the one true King, and denying self.

The new “thing”/expression will come.
I don’t waver in doubt.

Where I find myself contending for the new is in asking God to give us ears to hear and eyes to see that the ways of following Jesus aren’t changing or becoming easier. We can’t bypass the process of death… denying ourselves and picking up our crosses.

Jesus doesn’t glamorize what it looks like to follow him – he tells the truth. When Jesus says in Matthew, “follow me and let the dead bury their own.” He is saying, no obligation, even family can be placed ahead of following Jesus. He wants us fully surrendered.

As we wait for the NEW, we open the BIBLE and let the living and active word lead us in the good way, and then we must obey and WALK in it.

Those ancient paths that we want to forsake for the longing of new are actually the gateway to new paths. Waiting for the “new thing” isn’t passive…

STAND (position ourselves)

LOOK (see)

ASK (desire them)

WALK (obey)

(JER 6:16)

When we submit our entire lives to the ancient ways, and labor in and through, I believe we will see the birthing of the new season.

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