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The fight of Faith

“Fight the good fight of the faith.” (2 Tim 6:12

When you read this small little verse tucked at the end of the book of Timothy, what picture do you see? What feelings does it evoke?

Did you know, stepping out in faith entered you and I into an intense battle?

Fight is the Greek word “agonidzo” (we get our word to agonize from) It means to enter a contest, to contend with an adversary, to struggle/contend with difficult danger.

The first “Fight” in 1 Timothy 6 is a Verb, and the second “fight” is a noun, “agon” in Greek.

AGON means: A place of assembly specifically, the place in which the Greeks assembled to celebrate solemn games (as the Pythian, the Olympian)
Also means a contest, of athletes, runners, and charioteers.

Reread 2 Tim 6:12 again with now this in mind.

“FIGHT the good FIGHT of the faith.”

What do you see now?

Spectators filling a stadium, in the center are Greek men fighting intensely to win because it’s their national game. They are there to win! Whatever it costs.

That’s the picture Paul is sharing with Timothy.

Tucked between the fighting words he adds, good. It’s a good fight. It’s a genuine, beautiful, precious fight. Paul is saying it’s an ugly, messy, intense fight yet it’s a beautiful and praiseworthy faith.

How do you and I live out all the things we are walking by faith in? By entering the ring and intensely fighting to see it’s promises completed. We enter the battle through faith.

I’ll be honest, I’ve felt beaten up this year. Living and walking by faith has been more than prayer walking on stunning beaches, it’s come with sore muscles and bruises… but I know the truth, the greater the fight, the greater the blessings, reward, and the win on the other side.

I think of Hebrew 12, as we fight out our faith, rather than the Greeks in their national game being cheered on, we now have our own cheering squad. They are a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, cheering us on. And these great clouds of witnesses were all commended for their FAITH.

Fight the good fight of the faith…

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